Features :

  • 5W LED Lantern.
  • Works on 6 Volts
  • 4AH Battery.
  • Product size: (dxh) 140 x 240
  • LED Lifetime: 10000 Hours.
  • Charging: Solar and electric both.
  • Backup on full charging: 8 hours.
  • Charging time with electrical charger: 2 hours.
  • Charging time with solar panel 6w/10w: 2 hours.
  • Battery over voltage protection.
  • Battery deep discharge protection.
  • Uniform Light during total backup time.
S. No.
1. Charger for 6V/4.5AH battery i.e 6.8V@0.6A with Red/Green LED Display Red for charging and Green for charged condition.
2. 5W Boost Type LED Driver with Battery deep discharge Protection and current limiting.
3. Charger for 12V/7.2Ah battery i.e 14V@1.2A with Red/Green LED Display Red for charging & Green for charged condition.
4. 10W Boost Type LED Driver S/A with battery deep discharge protection and current limiting with 24 LED of
5. 5W LED Lantern with battery charger at S.No. 1 above & Driver S.No.2 6V@4.5AH and suitable charging.